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Beware of Lions

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"I Peter 5:8

I Peter 5:8 compares man’s enemy, Satan, to a roaring, devouring lion. Notice some similarities between the two:

A Lion Attacks When You Least Expect It

Satan attacks and destroys lives. He is so quick and silent with his deadly attacks, that most do not know what is happening until it is too late. That is why it is so important to read and know the word of God. It warns of what can harm us. A bible educated person will be aware of the devil’s devices; usually sin, and hopefully will avoid them.

A Lion Can Attack, Even When Thought Harmless
Many that work around these felines, from zookeepers to magicians, have learned the hard, painful way that there is no such thing as a harmless lion. Satan, and the sin he uses to tempt, is not harmless. There is ALWAYS a price tag with sin!

A Lion Attacks Just About Any Animal
Our enemy, Satan, has no love for any man or woman. It does not matter who they are or what they do. Our enemy is determined to destroy them, and if they are Christians, destroy their testimonies so they are no use for the cause of Christ.

A Lion Attacks More Viciously When He Draws Blood
Like the lion, Satan shows no mercy. When his attacks begin to destroy and ruin a life, he continues to do all he can to further destruction. Satan hates your guts and wants to destroy you and all that is dear to you.

Lions are, indeed, vicious, dangerous creatures. A wise person stays away from them and distances himself from areas they inhabit. A wise person should also stay away from any sin Satan uses to entrap his prey and especially from places where sin is prevalent.

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