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Jesus said for us to take His yoke upon us and learn of Him. We are supposed to be laboring together for the cause of Christ while getting to know Him more! When one of us backslides - stops doing our part in praying, devotions, giving, witnessing - the church suffers and ultimately the cause of Christ suffers!

A message about tithing. What is tithing and are mankind today required to tithe. Find out what the old Testament and the New Testament has to say about tithing.

Let God Love You

AT times our sin is so great that we cannot forgive ourselves or love ourselves. God comes to us at these times and reminds us that God still loves us (and always will) and that God forgives the unforgiveable.

The Struggle Within
This is Paul writing to the Christians in Rome and believers everywhere for the purpose of introducing Paul to the Romans and to give a sample of his message before he arrives in Rome.

A Place With A Purpose
We all have a purpose and a place in this life. Find yours and get busy for the Lord.

Protecting Our Church

This is a message about unity in the church. It takes unity to maintain and protect a church.

What Have I Done
This is a brief message about mankind taking a look back over the  life he / she lives and asking themselves "what have I done? What have you done with the life you live? What have you done for yourself? What have you done for Christ? There is an amazing answer given in this message. See if you can find it.

Before Christ

This is a look at life before Christ changes it.

Trusting or Trying

This lesson brings us to the heart of the matter that Paul has been referring to up to this point in his letter to the Galatians: The conflict between two alternate roads to righteousness: Trusting and Trying. How does one please God? What makes a person truly a Christian; trying to act in a way that seems pure and Godly or trusting in a Savior who paid the price for sin? Paul Points out that there is a vast difference between these two roads to righteousness.

Are You A Loyal Servant of The Lord
Believers are called to be servants of the Lord. Learn about some characteristics of a servant of God.

God Does Feel Our Pain But The Question Is Do You Feel God's Pain

How can God possibly know our sufferings? Can God genuinely feel our pain? Yes God Can!

God's Will
What is God's will? Let's find out together.

God's Word Has All The Answers
This lesson helps you realize that Christ lives in you. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Through Christ Jesus all things are possible. Do you believe this?

It's Good For You

It seems like everybody has an opinion about whats good for everyone else but let's take a look at what the bible says is actually good for us.

Obeying God
Our love for God should motivate us to serve God. When we obey God he works things out for our good in the form of our needs being met. Trust God today by obeying God.

Teaching Children To Follow God

God expects parents to teach their children about God. Our children are our future. How will your future turn out?

How To Live A Holy Life In This Dirty Sinful World

You can live a happy and victorious life for the Lord and at the same time have an active life outside of the church.

Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands
Have you ever made important decisions without seeking the Lord? Why do people do this and what are the consequences?

Trusting God Enough To Tithe
If you love and trust God you MUST keep all of his commandments; including in the area of tithing.

How To Keep Going When You Can't Go On
Don't give up on God. When the pressures of life gets you down you simply hold on to Gods unchanging hand.

Conflict And Offense
Christians should be at best when it comes to dealing with conflicts. Unfortunate experience shows that we may be amongst the worst. View this message and find out why I make this statement.

Love - Honor - Respect
If you truly desire to follow Christ it will take a lot of love, honor and respect. You will need discipline and obedience. Following Jesus Christ is not always easy but it is always possible. You have to love, honor and respect yourself, your fellow mankind and most of all God the father, son and Holy Spirit.

Love - The Most Excellent Way

If we would be totally honest, the idea of transformation really scares us. That is because we know that such a radical change would be quite uncomfortable. We realize that with transformation comes a major overhaul of our lives and priorities.

From Suffering to Surrender

God creates impossible situations so he would have the opportunity to show that he can do the impossible! When we do not understand his plan, we can wait in trust.

How To Have Joy Even In Stressful Situations

This message outlines four steps to dealing with and conquering stress.

An Early Start
Young Samuel was a child that was not self-willed and was open and willing to be used by God.

Anger Without Sin

People show their anger differently, but we all get angry sometimes. These emotions of displeasure are part of how we are created. It is part of our design. Anger was never intended, however, to turn to sin or to control our lives. Since we are created in the image of God, we have many attributes that our creator has. Anger is one of them, although he would never sin with his anger.

Be Not Afraid
Fear is one of the biggest stumbling blocks most youth and adults face. We are afraid of what could happen, what did happen, or what others may think. Do not be afraid but remember how good God is and has been to you.

Beware of Lions
This message compares man's enemy "Satan" to a roaring lion, giving some similarities between the two.

Beware of The Drowning Man

This message is about the dangers of listening to what others say. Some people are not worthy of listening to.

This message shows how many people don't even know what a true friend is; and that the right friend will build you up while wrong friends will destroy you.

Misusing Privilege
This message shows how Paul gave a historical survey on how Israel misused, abused and even failed to take advantage of their God given priviledges.

What Is A Fool
This message compares what the Christian bible and the world has to say about the term fool.

You Should Be Grateful That You Didn't Get What You Deserve
This message talks about God's grace and mercy. No one deserves anything because of our sins, but we have a wonderful father which art in heaven which gives us great things dispite our faults.

Generational Curses
This lesson shows you how to break the chain to generational curses.

First Fruit
This lesson helps you understand what is meant by the term firstfruit.

God's Methods of Developing Christian Eagles
" But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. " In the scriptures, God has likened His people to many things.

Stand Still
You may find yourself at a time in your life where all you can do, is just be still and know that GOD IS GOD! Your situation may seem hopeless, and you may feel overwhelmed and alone. And at times whatever you are facing cannot be helped by mortal man. Even with loving and caring friends and family you still feel all alone. It is in these times that God comes on the scene and does what no one else can.

God's Got Your Back

You took the high road, made a sacrificial choice, and seemed to lose while the other guy played dirty and made some gains because of it. Sound like your life? Then you might be encouraged by one of history’s greatest sermons, preached by One who knew quite personally what it felt like to make sacrificial choices and seemingly lose in the short run.

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