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God has always had some rather reluctant leaders. Reluctant leaders are often the best leaders. It's those who are power hungry and eager to assert their authority that often do more harm than good. What I have observed is that there are more reluctant leaders in the church than there are those who are hungry for power and authority.

Faith Deliverance Ministry is focusing its attention on what it will take for our church to be the kind of church that Christ wants us to be:
   A Caring, Committed, Christ Centered Community.

This Lesson summarizes some necessary building blocks to achieve this goal by looking at some practical pointers Paul spoke of in Romans. If we apply and practice these truths individually and corporately, God will be honored, the church will grow - numerically and spiritually, lost will be saved, and the church will make an impact on our communities.

This lesson briefly examines the spiritual gifts for New Testament believers of this church age.

All throughout the bible there are examples of how God dealt with those that rose up and spoke against God's called and anointed people.

A brief understanding of what a prophet is and how one becomes a prophet.

A brief understanding of what a bishop is and how one becomes a bishop.

In church life there are certain things that we use as indicators of success. Any time you get a group of preachers together you are going to hear certain questions: Where do you pastor? How many are you running? Are you growing? As Pastors and leaders we often seem to have measures of success concerning the church. But sometimes these "measures" are superficial in nature.

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