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We All Need Help Sometimes.

People Are Praying For Someone Like You To Reach Out With Helping Hands.

Wouldn't You Like To Help Someone Else In Need? Sow A Seed Today And You Will Do Just That.

100% of your donations / contributions goes exactly where you specify.

Help Is Closer Than You Think
Will You Be The Help That Someone Else Needs?

We really need financial blessings and we pray that God touches your heart and resources and help you to help us help others.

We need world wide prayer warriors.

Please Keep Faith Deliverance Ministry lifted in prayer as we reach out to help others by providing free services such as but not limited to:

  Free Financial Assistance
  Free Job Training Program
  Free Food And Clothing Outreach
  Free Faith Enhancement Training
  Free Unlimited Computer Laboratory Use (High Speed Internet)
  Free Counseling / Mentoring
  Free Christian Bible Teachings / Training (Through The Church)
  Free Christian Academy of Ministry (Earn A Diploma of Arts In Religion)         

As You Can See We Need Lots Of Support In The Form Of Financial Donation, Buildings, Vehicles, Office And Sanctuary Supplies And Equipment Video Equipment, Class Room Equipment And Much More. We Also Need Volunteer Workers.

We are raising the neccessary funds to build a facility where we can offer all of the above services and more for free. 100% FREE! We desire your help. Please consider making a chairatable donation today.

Can you imagine a place where people can go to gain valuable educational skills to help with their job searching activities?

Can you imagine a place where The hungry is fed daily and the homeless is sheltered?

Can you imagine clothing and providing houssehold items to the less fortunate?

Well we have imaged all of these things along with several more things to help others without any obligations at all. We have plans to bring all of this into a reality all from a single location. We desire your help. Please ask God to bless you with the abilities to help us financially, spiritualy, physically, and prayerfully. Sow a seed today. Donate to Faith Deliverance Ministry.

No Matter Where You Are In The World You Can Help!

You never know when you will be the one in need; therefore help us raise funds to be available when you or someone you may or may not know needs our assistance. We, humbly, ask for your financial support as we help people in need without cost or obligations.

Thank You For Your Support And God Bless You!

God Bless Us All!

Become A Covenant Partner

Don't be afraid. Give generously today.
Don't let the enemy put fear in your heart. He only want to destray you and hinder God's movements.
You can be a great help to us simply by making a donation today.

What do we need?
Donations of Any Size

What will we do?
Build a facility which will serve as a place to allow ministers to utilize their gifts from God without cost to them.

Why are we doing this?
Faith Deliverance Ministry knows that many called of God clergy persons are warming pew seats and not doing what God has called them to do because the church leaders are hindering them. We aim to provide the opportunity and the location for un-used clergy persons to exercise their spiritual gifts without cost or obligations. We desire to open the eyes of pastors to see the power they have within their un-used clergy persons and perhaps give the un-used clergy persons the opportunity to exercise their spiritual gifts regularly within their church body.

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