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God Knows

Psalm 139:1-6

Here in NC, people have an expression they use when they don’t understand something, they would say, "God Knows." That's true, of course because God is Omniscient He knows everything, including some things you might wish He didn't know about.

We are living in an age of exploding knowledge and change.
The subject of the first six verses is God’s omniscience.
He knows everything.
He knows me, and He knows you.
He knows us completely and thoroughly.
He knows us intimately.

(Psa 147:5) “Great is our Lord, and of great power:
His understanding is infinite.”
He Knows Everything Both Good and Bad
He Knows Things We Haven’t Discovered Yet
He Knows the Past, Present, and Future


A census taker asked a mother how many children she had. She had a very large family, so she started to go through all her children, "Oh, let’s see now, there’s Billy, and there’s Harry, and there’s Martha, and there’s..." And the census taker got a little impatient and annoyed with her, "Never mind their names, just give me the number!” Well, the mother got very indignant and said to the man, "They don’t have numbers, they all have names!"

God Knows What We Do (vs. 2-3)
He knows what’s going on in our lives.
He knows even how many hairs we have on our head
He knows and cares about every detail of our lives, everything we do.

Now that can be comforting, or it can be disturbing depending on what it is we are doing, right?

God Knows What We Think (v. 2)
He knows what we think and why we think it.
He knows our aims, our intents and our motives
He knows everything about us. Even we don’t know why
The best way to know ourselves better is to get to know God.

God Knows What We Say (v. 4)
Even before it comes out, God knows what it is.
We never catch God by surprise.

God knows us Completely
He knows our every thought we think, before we think it.
He knows everything we do, even before we do it.
He knows every word we say, even before we say it.
He knows our every emotion.
He knows our every motive.
He knows our every intention.
He knows our every desire.
He knows our every decision we face.
He knows every trial we suffer.

There’s nothing we can do to make Him love us more than He loves us right now!

He’s available to help us.
His help is always there.
He knows when we are laid down with grief, and He is there to provide help and comfort.
He knows when we experience pain, and He provides the grace to help bear it.
He knows when we are facing the ache and pain of loneliness, and He is right there with
His companionship.
Think of it...  Wherever you are,
Whatever you are doing
Whatever circumstances have invaded your life,
Our Heavenly Father is aware of it,
God is so great. God is good... All the time!

God knows us completely.
How well do we know Him?

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