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Jesus Loves Me Despite My Faughts

John 13:27-38

In John chapter 13 John begins his gospel with eternity and ends with Jesus coming to earth again. John talks about Jesus, privately, teaching his disciples just prior to his arrest and his death. Jesus has deep love for believers. Knowing this love we should believe and allow Jesus to forgive our sin. Only then will we experience peace in a world filled with turmoil. As a part of mankind, Jesus loves you. Jesus is not like man who loves you with expectations in return. Jesus loves you just as you are. Despite the fact that Jesus loves us all, this does not guarantee us entrance into heaven. We need to truly love the Lord our God and live life for him as he directs us.

This message takes place while Jesus and his disciples were having supper. Jesus was telling his disciples about his destiny to be betrayed and crucified. The disciples loved Jesus and were confused after Jesus announced that one of them would betray him. The betrayer turned out to be Judas.

Read Vs. 27
After Judas sop with Jesus Satan entered into Judas. Jesus realized this and said to Judas; that which you must do, do it quickly. Satan has possessed Judas at this point. Satan’s part in the betrayal of Jesus does not remove Judas responsibility. We need to learn how to resist the devil. You can resist Satan even if he or one of his demons possesses the body you live in. Don’t ever forsake the fellowship of saints because you are going to need the prayers of these saints if you ever become possessed with evil beings.

Read Vs. 28
After Jesus told Judas to go and quickly do what he must do; none of the disciples understood what Jesus was talking about. Sometimes when God speaks to us we do not fully know what he is talking about. Especially in dreams and visions. If we trust God and rejoice in the Love he and Jesus has for us, we will realize that in his time, God will show us exactly what he mean. Jesus loves us and we need to learn how to truly embrace this love and in return love God the father, son, and Holy Spirit ourselves.
This is not always easy to do because we have to come out of our comfort zones and truly submit to God in all matters. This is not always easy to do but it is always possible. Jesus loves you! Despite your faults.

Read Vs. 29
The disciples at this point were still unsure what Jesus meant when he told Judas to do quickly that which he must do. Judas was the treasurer for the disciples; therefore the other disciples figured that Jesus might be instructing Judas to buy something they needed or perhaps give to the poor. This is a prime example how people travel the wrong paths by not confirming with the Lord what he meant. Jesus loves us despite our faults. When the Lord our God speaks to us we should be clear on what he is saying to us; and if we are not clear go to the Lord in prayer and get confirmation. Lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge God. Acknowledge the love God the father and the son has for us. Show your love towards God.

Read Vs. 30-31
After Judas sop with Jesus he immediately went away into the night. After Judas left Jesus told the other disciples that he was now glorified and that God was glorified through him. Jesus knew that he was going to be betrayed and crucified. This was the greatest act of love; to give up his life for others whom by the world’s standards did not deserve to be shown love. Thanks God that loving him back is not done according to worldly standards but by God’s standards. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Jesus really does love us, despite our faults. If he did not love us so much he would not have died for our sins.

Read Vs. 32
If God be glorified in Christ so shall Christ be glorified in God. Likewise if God be glorified in us, one day we shall receive glorified bodies in God.

Read Vs. 33-36
There came the time when Jesus was about to leave this world and he tells us in verse 33 that we cannot go where he is going because we have not received our glorified bodies yet. Jesus left us with a new commandment ordering us to love one another as he has loved us. By loving one another despite our/their fought is a sign to mankind that we are Disciples of Christ.

Read Vs. 37-38
Peter loved the Lord and he wanted to know where Christ was going and why he could not follow Christ there. Peter was displaying his love for Christ by saying he would lay down his life for the Lord. Interesting enough the Lord responded to Peter that Peter will deny Christ three times before the roster crows. Peter did this and was wrong for doing so but the Lord Jesus still loves Peter. Despite your fought and mine; Jesus loves you and I very much.

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