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We all have strongholds in our lives at times. Times when the pressures of life gets us down, yet we must hold on and never give up on God and his promises because God will see you through. No matter what stronghold we are going through God is bigger than it.

This lesson shows some simple, common everyday things we do that actual invites witchcraft and other forms of sin into our lives. We need to be cautious and make sure we are living a true life of Christ.

Many people get confused when their prayers go unanswered. God gives us simple instructions for getting your prayers answered.

You need to understand what prayer really is and how it is designed to work. When used appropriately prayer is an awesome tool which will help all who believe in prayer also believing in the one who you are praying to; to accomplice things that once seemed impossible. Through God all things are possible. Prayer is like a telephone call to the Lord. When you call on Jesus he answers and allows you to tell him whatever is upon your heart. If you called me I would listen to you and then Share my remarks with you and you would listen and perhaps apply what I say to your situations. Likewise Jesus desires for you to state your reason for contacting him and then allow him the opportunity to respond. Too many times when people pray they state their prayer, say amen and go on about their business. A telephone provides for two way conversations. Your prayers can be effective if they are inline with the will of God, but what is the will of God? The will of God is the word of God. The Bible is the word of God therefore the bible is the will of God. If you are living according to the Christian bible then you are living within the will of God. I know that we sometimes stumble and sway away but the Holy Spirit of God will convict you and it will be up to you to come back to God. God will help you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

This lesson talks about the power of prayer that we have when we pray correctly. Prayer, when used correctly, is a very powerful tool. Through prayer you can be healed, delivered, etc...

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