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We Are Committed People

Faith Deliverance Ministry are committed to providing Christian support and training to edify souls. We offer professional and friendly assistance to all who will receive us in the name of Jesus Christ. That is why we are proud of our continued success in satisfying one soul after the other.

Faith Deliverance Ministry Is A Ministry Call And Ordained By God

Having been charged by God; Apostle Gregory Howard is leading this organization carrying out our mission. We give glory to God and his son Jesus Christ. We desire to edify the body of Christ and to share in the abundance of proceeding words from the Lord as he speaks clearly to his people today. We yield to the power of Jesus Christ, making him Lord of our lives. We say and display our true love for mankind as we make room for those called of God to exercise for their gifts and callings. We are here to help as God himself makes provisions for us we will share our abundance with others without cost or obligations. We believe that it is past due time for ministries of God to stop competing with each other and start helping one another; to God be the glory!

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