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Matthew 26:19-22

We have here a time of feasting during the earthly life of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It was a time when the city where they were dwelling was preparing for a Passover feast. Jesus was gathered with his disciples and told them about him being killed. Jesus' disciples did not want to hear this. They said in Vs. 5 that this could not happen on the day of feast unless there be an uproar amongst the people.

Now I find it kind of strange that Jesus' disciples of all people would respond this way. Here Jesus is talking about his life on earth being over (Him Being Killed) and for no wrong that he done. Instead of being concerned for the life of Christ they were concerned with an uproar / an argument or fight breaking out amongst the people.

What have they done wrong here?

They were concerned but their actions was showing more concern for self. I can imagine the disciples thinking "IMight Get Hurt In This Uproaring" instead of "What Can I Do To Prevent Your Death" Too often we focus on what we want instead of what God want. God wanted this to happen to Jesus so that he would have the innocent blood he required to forgive and save mankind. Let's look at and examine our own lives today and ask ourselves what have I done?

Did you know that everytime you sin you crucify Christ all over and over again?

What Have You Done?

God told me to do this but I choose to do that instead. What have I done? God sent me there but I choose to come here instead. What have I done? God said not to do it but I did anyhow. What have I done? God said yes but I said no I won't Go No I won't do it No I won't say it For whatever reason we often choose the opposite of what God says, and to answer the question what have you done; I will tell you what you have done: You have sinned before God and endangered the life you live with access to hell and the lake of fire. God says tithe but you say I can't afford to tithe. In this you have put your bills and financial obligations and desires above God's command therefore they have become a false god to you. God says to study his word but you say I don't have the time to read the bible today; yet you have time to watch TV, shop, gossip on the phone, play with the kids, hang out with friends, etc... Try cutting each of your daily activities short and spending that extra time in God's word.

What if you stand before God on your day of judgment and God says don't even bother opening the Lambs Book of Life because it don't matter if your name is written in it or not; I got too many people to judge or reward so I'll just skip you to save time and cast you into the lake of fire for eternity. I could let you into heaven but just in case you have sin in your life I'll just put you in the lake of fire and never have anything to do with you again for eternity.

What have I Done?

I have sinned and now I have opened my eyes to find myself in hell. Is this a true statement for you? Are you living a life of hell on earth? What have you done? Ask God to reveal your sins to you and he will; then you do what God tells you, the way he tells you so that God will forgive your sins before it's too late.

In our text, as Jesus was having a meal with his disciples he said unto them that one of them will betray him. They were all wondering Lord is it I? Jesus told them how to tell who it was in Vs. 23 He said it is he that dipped his hand in the same dish with him. God will tell you when you are wrong and how to get right if you will humble yourself before him; letting go and letting God have God's way in every aspect of the life you live. Will you stop crucifying Christ over and over again with the sins we commit and learn to live. Let Go And Let God.

What Have I Done?

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